I Know

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So tell me
what you’ve gotta say if you really wanna
Say that you don’t want me here
anywhere near your heart.

Even though I don’t wanna agree
I don’t wanna see
Walking off too far away,
and I know That you will

Wanna see your eyes_
but I can’t raise up my head
Wanna make you believe _
never I can’t stop my tears

* And I know I still can touch
your heart when I need you
Once you were in my life
you can’t leave me all alone,
You will feel my heart again

** Still believe I don’t wanna
lose you in my life
But now it’s too late have
you back again just beside my heart
Now I know It’s hard to me I believe

I never tried to think of you only me,
myself that
Take your heart away from me,
wanna turn back again

I came to think of the 1st day
when you came to me and
I will never forget myself
in your eyes on that day

Wanna see your Smile_
But I can’t raise up my head
Wanna make I Believe_
Never I can’t stop my tears



I’m waiting right here,
but my heart will follow forever like a star
I can’t help for it
because my heart is not like from what I am

Now I know you will never
come back to my heart
I don’t wanna think of my life
without you with me
Please come back to where you were

And I know you will always
be with me in life
I never thought of you and me apart
After all that time,
You’ll always be standing here, I know

Thể loại:  Hàn Quốc,  Pop/Pop Ballad

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