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Let's try to find the love that is hiding inside us
Let it out and let it flow like the river
It will last forever

Don't know exactly what's happening I'm getting so confused
And I'm losing control with a sprinkle of hope
I start to smile as you slowly tell me “Aishiteru”
Can this be a mistake?
Oh I'm guessing it's true

When I tried to tell you my feelings
It was a game of hide & seek
Oh but now you've made it so easy for me
I can finally say that I loved you

*And now's the time to celebrate the joy of our lovin'
Feels so good to be free, it's real, this ain't a dream
I've waited all my life
It's no one else I'll always be the one beside you
So believe me with your heart
Our love gets stronger
It will last forever*

I've got to tell you right now that I am happier than ever
Cuz your love is so sweet
Yeah you're driving me mad

When you're near the butterflies tingle
They're filling my heart up with you
If you're far they're gonna be screamin' for you
You color my heart with emotion

Oh can't you see I'm loving every bit of you baby
Don't you feel the same for me
Tell me more and more
That you love me so

Thể loại:  Nhật Bản,  Pop / Ballad

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