You Are

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Dolly Parton

Sometimes I try to count the ways and reasons that I love you,
but I can never seem to count that far.
I love you in a million ways and for a million reasons,
But more than this I love you as you are,
more than this I love you just as you are.

You are my inspiration,
you are the song I sing,
You are what makes me happy,
you are my everything.
You are my daily sunshine,
you are my evening star
Everything I'd ever hope to find that's what you are,
everything I'll ever want for mine is what you are.

You are my thoughts when I'm awake and my dreams when I'm asleep,
you are the reason for my smile,
you are the words I speak
Every roll I play in life you play the leading part,
everything I'll ever want on me is what you are,
the only one I'll ever want for me that's what you are.

Chorus X 2

[ ac.guitar ]

Oooh ooh, I love you,
oooh ooh, I love you just as you are
Oooh ooh, I love you, I love you

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