When It Comes To You

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Buddy Miller

Baby I got my lovelight on
Baby I got the beat
I got twenty dollars in my shoe
And rhythm in my feet
I got more than 40 different grooves
And twice as many moves
I be a cool rocking daddy that's who
When it comes to you
Well I'm a man with a plan honey
If you got the desire
We can go stepping out
And we can set the money on fire
Just come with me on a little trip
And we can give the blues the slip
There ain't nothin that I would not do
When it comes to you
If you push the first domino
We'll go flying like a gto
Baby just have to let me know
Any time I'll be good to go
So let me know darlin
If you ever wanna fall in love
I gotta tell you
It would not take
Too much of a shove
I got you under my radar
Hey I am ready when you are
Yeah I'm hooked and I'm stuck like glue
When it comes to you
You can send me out on a high wire
Without a net below me
You can stick a feather in my hat
And call it matrimony
You got the time baby let's do the crime
We can dance while the wedding bells chime
I see my future coming into view
When it comes to you

Thể loại:  Country,  Âu Mỹ

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