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Jessica Lea Mayfield

Tears fell in Boerne
And stuck to your breath
Blew up to the sky
And landed on a cloud
Your heartache made the cloud sad
And it started crying
The cloud's teardrops froze
'Cause my heart is so cold

Now the cloud's crying snow
Here in Ohio
I lied because it's what I know how to do
Shoulda listened to my friend
And the words that he told you
That girl is trouble
She's a player and she'll play you

I know I left you alone in New Orleans
You overheard us doin' blow in the bathroom
I was kissin' holdin' hands
With some other girl's grown man
You should run far from the wrong I'm doing

I know your mom's dead but it's no excuse
For me to love you because you are without love
You beg to be broken and treated like a baby
Get strong, get strong, get strong

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Country

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