Transformation Baby

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Diary Of Dreams

Mephisto's brother
Now returns to wimmer with the wind
Out of life and out of color

Circular world of ancient dust ->
New born in (n)o. state
Und wie hat die Seuche zahlen gelernt...?

This is tranceformation!

gamma, memoryless child in no man's land
Searching for remains of its soul

I could not reject this!
I could never slaughter! ->11
Und wie hat die Seuche sprechen gelernt...?

This is tranceformation!

What a thrill in X-ray hell
rated X-low
To the deepest, to the finest point be-low

Fortune-tellers know:
Crowned with thorns ->
Try this God given Gift - 8 flat
Und nie hat die Seuche leben gelernt!

Why don't you come...?
Why don't you come on home to me...?

Now this is tranceformation!

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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