Times Changes Everything

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George Jones

There was a time when I thought of no other and we sang our own love's refrain
Our hearts beat as one as we had our fun but time changes everything
When you left me my poor heart was broken our romance seemed all in vain
The dark clouds are gone and there's blue skies again
Yes time changes everything
[ steel ]
The time has passed I forgot you mother nature does wonderful things
I guess that it's true for me and for you cause time changes everything
Oh you change the name of an old song rearrange it and make it swing
I thought nothing could stop me from loving you but time changes everything
[ fiddle ]
So goodluck to you may God bless you I can't say that we won't love again
You have gone your way and I'll go mine cause time changes everything

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Country

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