The Eye Of Ra

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In my foolishness I had taken form of a mortal man
And entered time to live amongst humanity born of my tears
But now they have turned against me and my descendants
They overthrow the temples and curse my name

Now I return to the city of the sun
There enthroned gouge out my eye
Terrible is m pain horrifying are my cries dreadful is my towering rage
All my fierce passions cause my torn eye
To take shape as a fearsome lioness
With teeth and claws that ache to rend flesh
Heedless of the blood that courses down my cheek
Sekhmet the might I name thee and Nesert who is a burning flame

Then the terrible roar of Sekhmet sounds forth
Flee from me humanity though it availeth thee not
Hide in the deserts and the mountains
Let fear grow in your hearts
For I am vengeance and bloody death

With terrible wrath
Shall I now go forth out into the two lands
To slay the gathered armies of man
Not one shall stand alive where I have been
As I rend the very flesh from their bones
I will wade in human blood and drink my fill
For the joy of killing gladdens my heart

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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