Tell Me

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Corey Hart

Tell me that you'll always stand by me forever
You're the hidden treasure destiny has found
Tell me that you'll always chase away the demons
You're the only reason that I am still around

Through this tunnel of love
I've been trying to see my way to the horizons
When the night is long, your sweet voice
Carries me to the skies

(Tell me) that you'll always hold my hand forever
Never to surrender, the dream we're fighting for
Tell me that you'll always be my superstition
You're the one condition that I've been waiting for

[Na, na, na]
[Na, na, na]
(Everybody wants to believe in) love everlasting
(We're all hoping to find) what I see in your eyes

[Tell me] that you'll always write me secret letters
Sleep under the moonlight, dance under the stars
[Tell me] that you're gonna kiss me in the morning
Peaceful easy feeling, together we are one
[Tell me]
Tell me that we're gonna brave the storms together
There is nothing better than love under the sun
Oh yea

Tell me baby
[Tell me]
So tell me na na, na, na, na, baby
[Tell me]
Oh tell me na, na, na, na
[Tell me]
[Tell me]
Oh yea
[Tell me]
Oh yea
Oh yea
[Tell me

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