Tear It Up

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R. Kelly & 


[Intro - R.Kelly:]
I hope it’s alright
Shorty, I’m gonna go hard tonight
I hope you’re ready, babe
I hope you’re ready cause

[Hook - R.Kelly:]
I'mma, I'mma tear it up
I'mma, I'mma tear it up
I'mma, I'mma tear it up
I'mma, I'mma tear it up

[Verse 1 - R.Kelly:]
I'mma tear it up then I'mma chop screw it
Not gonna waste time, girl, let’s get to it
Lay your body down, got you feeling like you never
When I ask you what you want, you say do whatever
Baby, hands down, your sex feels so good
Staring in the mirror, checking out how that ass look
Up, up, up - down, down, down
Side, side, side - round, round, round
Ain’t nobody that can do it like you do it, baby girl


[Verse 2 - Future:]
Hit her in a back of a whip that cost a lot of money
Lemme see ya dance like ya scrip that costs a lot of money
I can make ya pretty cat squirt, keep it 10 hundred
We gonna have a sick cypher, chop you down like a rifle
Future Michael Jackson, Future Thriller
Future stone cold pussy killer
Take her to another planet
Never seen her in her panties
Body language real manish


[Verse 3 - R.Kelly:]
Glad your with it, won’t forget it, how I did it, girl
How I kiss it, how I lick it, how I stick it, girl
I won’t stop 'til you say ''Kelly no more''
Scream ''baby'' 'til they hear you outside the door
Baby, got your legs up and I’m all between your thighs
Poking that up while you looking back at me with those eyes
Thinking to myself as you coming down that pole
Have no idea what you in for when I get you home, shorty


[Verse 4 - R.Kelly:]
I'mma pull your back out, I'mma break the bed
I'mma hit it hard, babe, I'mma pull your hair
I'mma get down right freaky up in here
Kiss you anywhere you want, shorty, I don’t care
Do it in the closet, all over the floor
Up in your apartment, all out in the hall
Hit it from the back while I’m smoking my cigar
You can look out the window while I’m getting’ it in the car
I don’t give a damn where we are


Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  R&B / Soul

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