Sáng tác: 

Maria Blom

Trình bày: 

Xuân Nghi

I don’t wanna be a superstar
To always mind what you do and who you are
Crazy people on the phone, you’re never all alone
‘Cause every time he calls you honey.
Is he thinking about you or your money.
Having nothing is good for the fact that you know.
Hearts on fire!

I don’t wanna be a superstar
With fashion clothes and fancy car
People analyze what you think
And care how much you drink
No this little cottage is alright with me
‘Cause baby you are luxury
And It’s paradise, being with you when there’re two..
Hearts on fire.

I don’t wanna be a superstar
‘Cause boom ! One day, there you are
A lighting strikes your head
And you fall down dead
So you think you’ve done good, or even more.
So you go knocking on heaven’s door
There’s a sign coming up, say “I’m sorry babe”
“But you’re going down, down, down, down, down”
When there’re hearts on fire
Hearts on fire.!

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Pop

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