Street Life

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Geto Boys

Up early in the morning lacin up my British Knights
Throwin up my deuce sign, fuckin with the street life
Never knew no better cause my mommy never taught me
Going out to get the shit that mommy never bought me
Only ten years old and I can't stay away from trouble
But you don't give a fuck cause you ain't never had to struggle
And everybody's tellin me its get greater later
I need to get my shit right now, cause it ain't shit in my refrigerator
And I done struggled for my whole life
Seeing my moma layed up with a different nigga everynight
And when you see me you can spot a crook
Cause I'm going through her motherfuckin pocket book
I'm going out to get my papes
Cause she don't give a fuck about me anyway
And my daddy's doing two terms
And all she ever does is sit around and get served
My mommy never hugs me
I'm callin deuce my family, cause these niggas say they love me
I'm steady dustin chumps off
And ready for the battle if the shit would ever jump off
So send my ass to hell
Its eithr being covered up with some dirt, or boxed in a cell
Anyway that's what it looks like
If I don't hurry up and get my ass up out the street life

Chorus: (Spoken)

Thể loại:  Rap / Hip Hop,  Âu Mỹ

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