Star Spangled Man

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Alan Silvestri

Who's strong and brave
Here to save the America way?
Who vows to fight like a men
For what's right,night and day
Who'll campaign door-to-door for America?Carry the flag shore to shore for America?
From Hoboken to Spokane
The star spangled man with a plan
We cant't ignore there's a threat and a war awe must win
Who'll hang a noose on the goose-stepping goons from Berlin?
Who'll re deam heed the call of America?
Who'll rise or fall Give his all for America
Who's here to prove the we can?
The star-spangled man with a plan
Star wart and steady and true
Force full and ready to defend the red,white and blue
Who'll give the Axis the sack and is smart as a fox?
Far as a eagle will soar
Who's making Adolf Afraid to step out of his box
He knows what we're fighting for
Who waked the giant the snapped in America?
He know its no one but Captain America
Who'll finish what they began
Who'll kick the kraut to Japan?
The star-spangled man with a plan

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