She's Got A New Disguise

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Matthew Good Band

Suffocate for me
Well you can pretend that you're pretty
It's too loud in here for me to tell
I wonder when you move
Do you look to see who's watching you
Locked in the groove, little bird
What will it cost to buy you back
To buy your eyes, to buy your smile
Well she wants to be the same
She wants a new name
She wants a new disguise

And all I want is you
All I wants the truth
She's got a new disguise
Pull the shade and lock the door
You don't need it anymore
She's got a new disguise

Suffocate for me, little bird
Mirrors over your bed
God lives above your head, little bird
Well I remember everything you say
And everything you do, everything you always wanted
Breathe for me, little bird

Where is the face that you know

Thể loại:  Rock,  Âu Mỹ

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