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Chihiro Onitsuka

Please send me to my home with your big umbrella
Don’t ask nothing of me getting wet  Mr. Rainman
My worst matter is hesitating at even so easy thing
But I will try to keep my door closed anytime
Such a lonely rainy day
My shoulder is drowned
Why do you wait for the rain to stop with me?
Sad news will visit again
And I know I will get lost
Please show up in such a time Mr. Rainman

Leading to over there could be so difficult problem
We remain standing and you keep quiet  Mr. Rainman
Fact of worn out could be so funny for me
Because I can laugh at this world around even now

Such a lonely frozen day
Our fingers are paralyzed
Why do you still stay and not leave from here?
I know that you don’t know me
It makes no difference at now
We just look in rainy town  That’s enough

If you have some magic
You can make me stop crying
But only be my side like this
So wonderful above all things

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