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Mally Mall & 

Rich The Kid & 

Rayven Justice

[Intro- Rich The Kidd]
On purpose
Bought a bitch a bag cause I feel bad
All kinds of blue cash
Live like 2Pac
I ain't change I just bought a whole lot more chains
These hoes ain't loyal just fucken for some fame
Top floor condo with a model
I got racks in every pocket a lot of hundos
Oh gosh she beautiful
I make my bet and that pussy to good got me going crazy flexing on purpose shawty wanna Birkin
Trap still jumping like Kermit
Give you the world you deserve it
Ass fat hit it on purpose

[Hook- Rayven Justice]

[verse - rich the kid]
Yeah I woke up and fuck up a check on purpose
And she beautiful damn near perfect
I'm a boss I might flex on a bitch
30 bottles in the club got it lit
Step up in the building it's a movie
Mommy give neck cause I don't want the coochie and im flex on them everything's Gucci
Broke rapper in their feelings
I've been getting to it
Way to player
Rocks in my ear
Hundred thousand on my neck they stare keep flexing

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