Pray For Me

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you see the music buisness is like the devil's games
if you play it you might adopt devil's ways
it's an eye for an eye a tooths the same
im tiredof everyobody taking shots at my name
i am just looking for my targets
look it .. for yourself
don't fall .. come clean when it doesn't sell
.. of my chest i am going to hope for the best
i am never going back to the press
they wanna see me stress
counting money instead ..make me know the
difference between family and relatives
i beg the Lord show me a path
.. blood line .. let me pray my own heart
Welcome to

pray for me
take me to a level where heaven is above
pray for me
.. to Heaven is ...
pray for me
...shoulders i press..
pray for me
you know Lord is my Shepard
Thanks to feel

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