Pissin' Down

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Sass Jordan

Pissin' Down lyrics

I was crawling on the way home that morning
I was shot down and tied
You were strung out and high
And just when I thought it was over
When I thought I might win
You slammed the door to make love
To your old lady heroin

It's pissin' down
It's comin' down again
It's pissin' down
It's gonna drown again
It's pissin' down
It's comin' down again
And I ain't gonna drown too slow

And now the whole world's going crazy
Cause I thought that it was love
But I found it was a monkey
Ain't no angel from above
I can't fly I got a broken wing
I guess I ain't no rival
For your old lady heroin

Now every time you fall
You're fallin' into me
See you try to let her go
But she won't let you be
And I wonder if there's any hope in hell
But I hear time will heal
So I guess time will tell

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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