On Another Shore

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Legendary Pink Dots

All these years I waited cos I knew that you'd return. No stranger's
hand has touched this temple.
One candle slowly burned for you. (Were you waiting too?) For you...just
for you.
I swear I heard you crying on that cruel uncanny breeze. I saw you
crawling down there on your bleeding hands and knees. Now crawl right
up to me, my captain. The good ship sails away forever...That's the
way it's meant to be.
The good ship sails away forever. Leave us be.
These were the gentle words she said, though I could not find her in
my head. I searched for little clues but all the lights were glowing
red. And in the end I smiled politely, snatched my coat and fled.
From you.
Now I swear I hear her crying on the cruel uncanny breeze. I see her
crawling down there on her bleeding hands and knees. Come to me!
The good ship sails away forever. It was never meant to be

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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