Oh Fait Pitie d'Amour (Love Have Mercy On Me)

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Buddy Miller

You been taking advantage of the weak
Tying up my tongue till I can't speak
What have you done to my mean streak
Oh fait pitie d'amour
You spin me around like a top
Making me sweeter than soda pop
This has got to come to a stop
Oh fait pitie d'amour
You're gonna wreck up my lonely life
With love and happiness and laughter
And take up my time making you my wife
And living happily ever after
Quit making me so satisfied
Just to be sitting here by your side
Thinking that you oughta be my bride
Oh fait pitie d'amour
How did you get a full grown
Sitting right in the palm of your hand
Making him think that it was all his plan
Oh fait pitie d'amour
You play me just like a tune
Making me eat right out of your spoon
You've been collaborating with the moon
Oh fait pitie d'amour

Thể loại:  Country,  Âu Mỹ

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