Never My Love

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Mariko Takahashi

眠れない夜 羊を数えてみたら

今誰と一緒なの? 誰に恋してるの?

眠って忘れよう でもだめなの想い募るばかり

Just like a child in the night
I need your guidin' light for evermore
But I know deep in my heart
that you never belong to me

私羊たち抱いたまま しらじらと明けてく

Sun will shine for a brand new day
Yet I still call your name at the sky
This feeling's hurtin' me more
Feels like never before
Won't you mend me with potion of love
Oh we're only a heartbeat away
But I guess we are oceans apart
So come to me in my dreams
Let it be let me be
Don't say no you'll never be my love...

忘れようでもだめなの 想い募るばかり

Thể loại:  Nhật Bản,  Pop / Ballad

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