Neon Flame

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Terri Clark

Don't worry baby
About that man at the bar I just talked to
It's been so long I can't remember his name
Well he's just somebody
Who could never make me feel the way that you do
He's just an old Neon Flame

(Well) He shines bright on a friday night
But he burns out about daylight
And he's always hanging where the jukeboxplays
He ain't nothing to me
Just a dance or two before you even knew me
He's Just an old Neon Flame

Give me a quarter
And I'll pick a number that's a slow one
And tonight we'll start a fire we can't contain
His heart's a cold one
And I think I've been around long enough to know
He's just an old Neon Flame

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh, honey, he's just an old Neon Flame

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