More To Life

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Sass Jordan

More To Life lyrics

I'm packing up my bags today I'm getting out
Cos I don't wanna sit around this big old house
I'm taking all my feelings and my picture frames
Cos I want to do it
I think I'll take a lesson and learn how to breathe
I wanna write this note and then politely leave
It's time for me to learn that there is more to life
Cos I want to do it

I was dreaming so long - I woke up on the floor
I knew something was wrong and now I know
There's more to life than what went on before

Instead of being me I went for supercool
But if you ask me now I was a stupid fool
The house of love was asking me for too much rent
Couldn't pay it, could I?
So now I shut my eyes and find a world inside
And anywhere I go I really don't have to hide
I don't know who was selling me that pack of lies
I ain't buying - later!

I can hold my breath until I'm blue and feeling dizzy in that moment
I know I'm really here and there is nothing to fear

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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