Midnight's Gone

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Terri Clark

We got our first McDonalds
and it made the headline news,
in a town where no-one locks their door at night
all the lights are flashing yellow
we just roll right through
and there's not a super store in sight
but there's more to life
I told myself I'd say goodbye by the time the clock struck 12

But I can't pull the trigger on that changin world out there
with all these dream I can't believe I'm still standin here
It's time to face the fact I'm not the rebel that I thought
cause midnights gone
but I'm not

Everyone I run into has known me all my life
there are no secrets you can call your own
since the age of 17 I faced the morning light,
sayin this day is the day I'm gonna go
all I have to do,
is drive away
but the things that make me crazy always make me stay


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