Love Has It All (英)

Trình bày: 

Vương Uyển Chi

Love has it all
beckons softly with its call Night & day
E're spreading its silky wings on its way
gently falls to the lonely melting heart
And giving it a fresh new start
Love has it all hot & cold emotion
Wild & free imagination
Love has it all don't you ever know
It touches you where're you go
and kisses your broken soul
While I feel lost barely surviving ups & falls
When broken dreams are trailing up the sky
winds soaring high
But when I ask love to stay it flies away
Leaving no trace makes me wonder what to say
Love has it all it turns moments to gold
It caresses your broken soul
and touches you wherever you go
Now that I know Love is hot & Love is cold
Moments of ice moments of fire
It flashes through the eye
For all I know Love would want it to remould
From faded dreams to heart of gold
A brand new story

Thể loại:  Hoa Ngữ,  Hong Kong

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