Looking For A Heartache Like You

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Buddy Miller

Here I go again
Got my self in trouble
Baby I need help
Get here on the double
You must be the one
To show me signs so subtle
I think you ought to spend
More time inside my bubble
Looking for a heartache like you
Here's to everyone
Finding what they're after
So were the words
Of my uncle jasper
When I first saw you
At the honey soppin
You rocked me on down
To the feet of my pajamas
Looking for a heartache like you
What's a face like yours to kiss
Doing in a place like this
Even though I run the risk
Of losing you by saying all these things
I'll join up
If you're recruiting
We can ramble on
If the weather's suiting
Circle to the left
Go out a swinging
Something inside
Can't stop singing

Thể loại:  Country,  Âu Mỹ

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