Little Bitty Kiss

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Buddy Miller

All I wanted was a little bitty kiss
I didn't know it would get me like this
But when she took aim it was dead on
It was too late to keep my head on
My hand is steady and my nerves are steel
But that don"t help if you ain't got the wheel
The way she smiled knocked me offa my feet
She stole my heart and she didn't miss a beat
I never even saw it coming
Or I could of took off a running
I should've seen I was over my head
But I just went a fell in love instead
Let me tell you mister she's so sweet
I'm a goner I'm a little play toy
She could make the devil turn the other cheek
Make a king wanna be her little shoe shine boy
Every time I try to back up I just trip
I try to get away but the gears were stripped
So here I am now saying I do
Believe me when I testify to
It was just a little bitty kiss on the lips
But boy let me tell you loose lips sink ships

Thể loại:  Country,  Âu Mỹ

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