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Liar- you take your hand from me
I'll tear it from your wrist
Just take your hand from me
Liar- your mouth is ashes dog, do not presume
To fool me with your tales of god
Liar- Promises of Heaven now,
You cannot truly think you are the seven now
Liar- And I will challenge you,
All my life I swear that I will challenge you
I will be the watcher, and I will never sleep
Many miles before me, and promises to keep
Driving out the demons, and bring them all to trial
I see the face that cannot smile
Liar- You should be burning now, I know you are
The face and it is turning now
Liar- Your words are filth and false
You are the vile partner in the final waltz
Liar- Will be rid of you, a good day in any life
Will be rid of you
Liar- I see you eyeless smile
There is no other thing upon this world so vile

I will be the hero, and I can do no more
I can be the hero, as I have been before
I can take you places that you have never seen
I can make you pleased that you are clean

Killer- Do not presume I'm fooled
You kill the hearts of many but I'll break your rules
Killer- Don't show your teeth to me
I'll put your teeth and feed you with them count on me
Killer- I am thy killer too
I am the frightful thing that always follows you
Liar- I am thy nemesis.
I always knew one day that it would come to this

Why the world is wicked
I know the reason why
Why the world is wicked
I know that it's allowed
I can never leave it the way it was before
I can never disobey - the law

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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