Just the Same

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Terri Clark

You could've walked a long back road,
or a lonely strech of beach,
you could have sat there
on a park bench,a sunday
paper at your feet.
If you'd been waiting for a taxi
or at a bus stop in the rain,
I would've found you,I would've found you,
Just The Same

You know you could've been a
gambler,whose luck was running low,
Or just another drifter without
a single place to go,
you could have been a broken dreamer
without a penny to your name.
I would've loved you,I would've loved you,
Just The Same

No it really didnt matter,
who who'd been or
what you'd done.Where we met
or when It happened you'd still be the one

There's no way to know the future
But one thing will never change,
I'm gonna love you,I'm gonna love you,
Just The Same

I'm gonna love you,I'm gonna love you
Just The Same

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