If There Will Be You No More

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Vương Kiệt

if there will be you no more
pain and sorrow will be all
That you can see in my eyes
And i would rather die
Oh! can you hear my cry ?
Can you fell i'm hurting inside my baby
just when you said When you said your goodbye.
if there will be you no more
Stars will have no one to adore
I'll live in craziness.
Holding onto loneliness
Forever i'll be lost.Lost in a world without you.forever.
Cause you just said. Cause you said your goodbye.
There'll be no more love affair
Cause no one understand romance
Baby i want one more dance
Oh! could you give me one more chance
If i have done something wrong
If i have said something strong
Oh! I will make it right for you ...
I would never understand ...
oh!... Why you said goodbye...

Thể loại:  Hong Kong,  Hoa Ngữ

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