I'm Sorry

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Jay Wang

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Jay Wang & 

Thai Viet G

Em oi co nhung luc anh hay gian hon
Em oi co nhung luc anh hay hon ghen
Lam cho doi ta tu day mai mai cach xa..oh no

Gio day con tim anh dau dau rat dau
Ngay mai em ra di doi ta se mai mat nhau
Em oi anh muon minh phai chia tay oh no

Nguoi oi ...xin em hay hieu cho anh
Doi khi anh nhu nguoi say
Nhung anh biet rang minh yeu em yeu dam say
Dung di de cho doi ta co nhau
De cho anh luon duoc thay em cuoi..
Duoc thay em vui
Oh baby please dont go


Oh no..nguoi oi anh da sai
Va anh day da noi nhung loi
Cant let you go....
Hay noi voi anh chung ta lam lai em nhe!
Minh lam lai nhu luc xua
Tu nay anh se kg nhu vay day
Baby no
I didnt meant to make you cry or break your heart


i let the jealousy get the best of me...sometimes my selfishness makes me to blind to see..
never meant to be that person holding you back from your dreams, your life and your wishes
wanna be that piece that missing, that be that person that lifting you up...

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