I'm Not Getting Any Better At Goodbye

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Buddy Miller

Seems like I've been here before
Just outside some closing door
Standing here just searching for a line
You'd think by now I'd have it down
I know I should be wiser now
Cause no one's gonna bail me out this time cause
I'm not gettin any better at goodbyes
I'm not any better now than when I first began
It hurts every bit as much as it did way back then
I suppose I cry a lot
The only thing for sure is I'm not gettin' any better at goodbyes
Friends will come and friends will go
But lovers memories die so slow
And they won't always let you know it's time
But even this shall pass I guess and
You'll be just like all the rest
I'll start dusting off all my best lines cause
I'm not gettin' any better at goodbyes

Thể loại:  Country,  Âu Mỹ

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