I Don't Know What To Say To You

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Tom Petty

I got a bottle in a paper bag, I can hear a little country rag
Dollar down, dollar a day, yeah I got a little one-eyed play
I opened up the windows, yeah I've been caught cold
Here, have a little No Doze, can you hear me in the headphones?
Road Turkey's in the lobby, baby this is just a hobby
Just a little thin report, yeah I've been caught short
But I can't get past "How do you do?"
I don't know what to say to you

Dancin' in the L.A. rain, midnight blue and tangerine
Here, let me hold a cigarette, baby I just got time to bet now
I know it's just casino talk but I hear you got a three foot walk
Flowin' cold and hot, bankin' on a long shot at a transcendental continental
The initials on the door, baby are you keepin' score?
Oh I can't get past "How do you do?"
I don't know what to say to you

Phoenix stars in the saddle, tryin' to deal with ???? cattle
Told proud George to call the gunner, Scooter Ruby'll put him under
Solo Jack and Gypsy Jade, runnin' through the Everglades
Tryin' to catch that high plain, get'em touch of fair exchange
Chinese kite, folding chairs, lift on where you take the stairs
Royal Crown is on my head, you know I don't really care
I can't get past "How do you do?"

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