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Night Keepers

I'm so very confused what i feel about you.
It's you who is my true friend. The person i do adore.
Somebody i'd want to talk to as my lovely doll.
I am really alone.
what I've been waiting for?
Am I the only one who wishes that we can change a little more, who can give me any clue about loving you.
Sometimes love may happen when we stop tracing for.
Just be slow and patient until it knocks the door, try not to pull up weeds it haven't grown, but to me you're so special like never before.
Sometimes love is shiny, we can put on the poem.
Fireflies always naughty, round and round come and go.
Try not to say a word and try not to control.
Walking on this silent road, i know you would be my comfort

Thể loại:  Hoa Ngữ,  Trung Quốc

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