Heroes (特警新人类2主题曲英文版)

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Trần Quán Hy

You feel your body shaking Ten thousand bullets
racing through your mind It dosen't matter if you live or
die And that's the reason why you're stil alive
Now when the walls come crashing The world will leave you
standing on your own And though the night will fall upon
soul You'll read the signs to know which way to go
(Chorus) Heros will never give up They carry on when it's
rough And that's he way It's should go They see the light
when it's dark And win the fight when It's hard
They make it right when everything goes out of control
Outside the heat is rising You try to keep your head above
the ground and even though the sky is falling down
Winning the fight is what it's all about
take what de take these gen y cops do what de gotta do
they won't be stopped they hot,you popped,you know you get

Thể loại:  Đài Loan,  Hoa Ngữ

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