Goodbye My Love

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Darling please don't leave me now
I need you more than ever;
Don't be sad
don't let me see you cry
I'll love you
love you forever:
Think of me when you are far away
Think of me at least once ev'ry day.

I say good-bye my love good-bye my love
Till we meet once again;
Yes it's good-bye my love good-bye my love
Say it's not the end.

Standing here in the departure longue
It's growing deep inside me;
Wonder when
I'll see the love I found
Hoping that we were always meant to be:
A million miiles is just a breath away
A million miles is just some words we say.

And it's goodbye my love . . .

Now they're calling it's time for you to go
One more kiss before you're leaving
Now you're boarding as they close the doors
I hear the engines softly screaming:

They say goodbye my love . . .

Thể loại:  Pop,  Âu Mỹ

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