Friend Of Mine/ 朋友

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Đàm Vịnh Lân & 

Thành Long

I see my friend, you need a friend
To care for you and be there for you
Till you're on your feet again
To be your friend through thick and thin
To understand lend a helping hand
That's the least that I can do for you
Now anytime you've got a problem
I'll be there to help you solve them
You know oh
When you've got a friend by your side
You're not alone
And you know that when you're feelin' brokenhearted
I'll be there to get you started again my friend
You know I care so I'll be there
Now until the end of time 'cause you're a friend
Friend of mine
A friend in need, a friend indeed
I'll be the one you depend upon
You can always count on me
And win or lose I'll stick by you
I'll try my best put me to the test
And I'll prove the rest is true for you

Thể loại:  Hoa Ngữ,  Hong Kong

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