For You

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Bon Jovi

You say that i'm a hopeless romantic
'cause i've been in love before
But since the first nite i saw you
Things haven't been the same

I didn't know you had a steady guy
Always hangin' round
But i want you to know baby anytime
You want to change your plans

For you, i wanna be around
For you, i'd laugh my life away
For you, baby, i would
If you let me

I saw you last nite at the drive-in
You look lonely all alone
Your eyes were glued to the picture
Were you wishing you were home

Do you stay up nites like i do
Do you start dialing the telephone
Do you dream of us
Lovers out on the town
Holdin' hands and foolin around

Repeat chorus

Well i want you to know darlin'
We could be romeo & juliet
Baby, tonite if we go all the way
Well, you and i
You just gotta say
I love you
And then we're out among the stars

Repeat chorus

Come on, come on
For you, i would be around
For you, loving when the sun go down
For you, baby, i would
If you let me
For you (4x)

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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