First Love

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Ivana Wong

Once upon a dream
When this world isn't what it seems
My love and I lived inside a smile
The time was nigh
We broke down and we cried
Rcfriending dragonflies
Lullabyes and funny little rides
We'd spend the night time
Counting countless stars
Choking on our stolen first cigar.
There is no reason , no rhyme
No need of keeping track of time
A life just passing and life just beginning
First love ensnared my mind
Wonderland was waiting
Butterflies went fluttering by
We wore our raincoats standing in the sun
One by one
Good time had just begun
Quite lost in a trance
My love and I lost in loving dance
Turning around and turning again
Never knowing it had to end
There is no future no past
Your first love won't be your last
First love don't last oh no it won't last
But it's worthwhile remembering when

Thể loại:  Hoa Ngữ,  Hong Kong

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