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Jessica Mauboy

You're just walking through the door and you're home late again,
There you're acting strange and you won't tell me where you've been,
You can look me in the eye, imagine every alibi,
Think you got it made my boy, there's something you don't know,
When you left you're room you shouldn't have forgot your phone,
I just heard your messages, and this is where it ends,
I'm getting away with pretending so long
Boy you're at the point you don't know right from wrong
Never gonna change (you're feeling me, you're feeling me)
Feeling well insane, (you're feeling me, you're feeling me)

All I know is,
No I don't forgive ya,
No, tears left to cry, the door is shut, I give up,
Boy I'm empty
Gave you second chances,
At least a hundred times, you're not the one, I am done, in fact you offend me,
I'm sick and tired of hearing from my friends that you've been lying,
No reasons to stay but to leave yeah I've got plenty,
There's nothing left here for you, in this empty heart of mine,
You took all the love from the start now it's empty,
Ohhh, it's empty
(You're killing me, you're killing me)

You didn't even realize the hole that you're digging,
When you're trying to tell me that she doesn't mean a thing,
Suddenly all I can see, Is what you think of me,
And tryna' point the finger at me I can't cope,
You did what you did, cause it's something I don't,
You should be ashamed, (You're killing me, you're killing me)
Tryna' shift the blame, (You're killing me, you're killing me)
Well all I know is,

(Chorus x3)

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