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Arthur Lee & Love

I just got up from a dream, I dreamed that I - I was running through the wind,
but all the ti-me, for it was just a dream.
You know what I mean, Yeah!
Don't you know you gotta go!
( Hey hey hey! Woooo! hey!)

I just stepped in from New York at 10 a - mInternational Airport
and now I'm here with all my friends again. Wonder if there' a God...?

You just don't seem to understand it,
but a man ain't supposed to cry
I don't want you to think I planned it,
so I make up a reason why why
(whispered over - 'Shake it to the East, shake it to the West, shake it to the one that you love.
To the beat, to the beat 'til they step out-side)
Don't you think I ought to come on home!?

I just got up from a dream

(this whispering is pretty difficult to hear but if you listen closely I think this is what is said.
Let me know if you think it's something else!)

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