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You've been caught in a lie!!
You can't deny it!

So let the war begin
You're far from innocent
Hell I just don't know where it will end
You are the one to blame
You made a habit of
Fucking up my life (ow!)

Another fallacy
Is laid in front of me
Now I just don't know
What to believe
Another animal
Sent to devour what-
Ever's left inside

I know now!
It's all been a lie
And I'll never come to know why
Awoke to discover
You leaving me now
It's all been a lie
I don't ever want to know why
You've mastered the art of
Deceiving me now.

A mortal enemy
Has been revealed in me
How come I wasn't able to see
Another vampire
Getting their fix from
Sucking up my life (OW!)
An evil entity
Had taken hold of me
Ripped out my heart and started to feed
I still remember when
I thought that all you were
Eating was my pride


This idiot won't let me go
Slowly penetrating the mind
I tell you now, my little puppet
You'll suffer me
You don't want to let me go
Till I've taken over your life
I'll ensure you survive
Little puppet don't die
Let me, let me die
Little puppet don't die
Let me, let me die
Little toy don't die


Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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