Cry Baby

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Sass Jordan

Cry Baby lyrics

They say no one takes a fall
Quite as hard the second time around
I don't know it all - But I know that sure ain't what I have found

I need you to release me
Forgive me if you think that I was wrong
Put your arms around me honey - Make me feel that it's alright
Nothin' could be darker than this long and ugly fight
Down to the ground we fall - Just like fallin' leaves to the ground
We fall and I hear you callin' me - Crybaby
Who knows what your hidin' - Hidin' in the fortress of your mind
Who knew I'd be feelin' - Feelin' like this ain't too far from dying
Life is made for change - I know that that's what you will say
And you know I believe you honey - I don't know why I still cry
Maybe it runs deeper than what only meets the eye

Take me by the hand
Lead me up the stairway
I've been here before I know what you will say
I been on the wrong road
I got in too deep - Got no room for maybe's
I can here you sayin' - Crybaby

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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