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DeJ Loaf

You left me time
Oooh, ohhh
This from me to you
Oooh, ohhh
Oooh, ohhh

[Verse 1:]
I really think that you're hot
Let me see what you got, let me see it, let me see it
How could we make this make sense? how? how?
Without looking really crazy
I ain't trying to look like no fool, you know
You got a family of your own
And you know my situation
I wouldn't say it if I ain't mean it, wouldn't say, wouldn't say
Baby, you're so beautiful to me, you're so beautiful to me
And I wonder what it's like, I wonder, I wonder
I want to take a risk and see
And I think you feel the same
How you be staring at me, how you be staring at me
I always catch you looking at me every time, I saw you
I make love to you all in my head
Why does this feel like some love affair?
I know what I want when I see it
So I'm a go, but what I know so be it
I ain't trynna cause no drama
But I can't help how I feel

Butterflies in my stomach
Every time that I see you
Oooh, ohhh
Oooh, ohhh
Every time that I see you

[Verse 2:]
Meet me in the lobby can you meet me downstairs in the lobby, I knock on your door
In your gym clothes
So nobody knows
I said can't nobody stop us can't nobody stop us
Not, I stand my ground ten toes, I hold it down for you
The way you make me feel
Do that thing with your nose, okay, why you keep doing that?
Baby, look I can show you better than
I can tell you, I want you, I want you, want you
And I'm a get you, naw
I ain't trynna cause no drama
But I can't help how I feel


Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rap / Hip Hop

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