Bring Back The Summer

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(Verse 1)
Don't you think it's perfect and the feeling's worth it when we're getting down down down down down,
Everything you've searched for is right here on the dance floor and you want it now now now now now.
Don't know what you're there for, bring it over here in the middle of the crowd inside my sound,
Seeing through your eyelids, I know you like it when the music gets loud.

I never, I never want another,
Come back, come back to me, my lover,
I never, I never want another,
Bring back, bring back, bring back the summer.

(Verse 2)
Baby, we can get hot, maybe it's a long shot. We should throw it back right now now now,
And in a little while I see you start to smile and here you thought you forgot that you knew how.
Baby, I can't help it, nobody else can burn me up like you've got me up in flames. From our very first kiss to our very last wish you'll be running through my veins.


Take a chance, and touch the stars, Start to dance to the beat of your heart. Take a chance, you've come this far, Lift up your hands, and touch the stars.
Touch the stars.

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Pop

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