Black Zone

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Legendary Pink Dots

They ripped up all the grass and they cut down all the trees, built a
Fence - little sign says 'Keep away, if you please...' And it was
Difficult to argue with the trenches and the guns. 50,000 volts, the
Wires buzzing - touch it and you're D.O.A. (d.c.) Deceased! Your
Secret's safe with us. The trucks roll in at midnight - skull and
Crossbones on the headlights. They carry poison, carry fission for
The Black Zone... Hear the test-tubes bubble with disease for enemies
(I hope there's not a breeze!) And the villigers line up outside with
Placards, sing 'Abide with me'. The guards just laugh - smoke rises
In the distance... Because the Black Zone's here to stay and it's
Here to protect us, 'til that black and bitter day when test-tube
Spills and blows us all away.

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rock

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