Beam Effect

Uh huh
Dirty north side 4K Tray
We put guns to the face, bitch ass nigga
Ain't nobody safe, who gon' die today?

Stretch that nigga out, red like Rudolph (Buck, buck, buck)
Take his ass up top, bet that cutter knock his shoes off
Shoot him in his chest, blow out his back, tryna knock his nose off
Turn that nigga out, you talkin' slick then you get rolled on

[Verse 1]
I told Kevin put his gloves on (Gloves on), we goin' in
He looked and said, "Don't make a sound, they won't hear when we breakin' in"
Find the biggest window, take the flat and then we break the lens (Boom)
Try to play me, bet I up the MAC and bust this bitch like 10 (Buck, buck, buck)
You must ain't heard this shit get hectic (Huh?)
We'll stretch you bout that fetty (Bitch)
That bitch'll tell you how we steppin'
Back to back and you ain't ready
We got gas and it's supreme, if you want smoke then I unlead it (B-r-r-r-ap)
Dirty Draco in the car, and we can bang if you want test me
Four niggas hop out on yo' block and let it rain nigga (B-r-r-r-ap)
Pull up and get right on the block where you can't hang, nigga (You can't hang, nigga)
Went to war wit dem lil boys, bitch, and we can do the same nigga (Do the same)
Bust yo' fuckin' brain nigga, 4K Trey, no name nigga

Beamer swung that beam across his nose, nigga red like Rudolph (On my mama, nigga, huh)
Take his ass up top, I bet that cutter knock his shoes off
Dirty .30 knock the bricks from out yo' house and make you move out (Bam, b-r-r-r-ap)
Fuck what they been talkin' 'bout, bitch listen to a goon talk

[Verse 2]
You better calm them nerves
You must ain't heard bitch we been messy, nigga
Before I could go even buy tobacco, I been stressin', nigga
Dirty pistol, a lil' ugly nigga, pop you, make yo' family miss you (Buck)
All you niggas green, you see straight blood when I paint the picture (Boom, boom, boom)
What up, nigga?

Beamer on top his nose, he look like Rudolph
Take his ass up top wit' that Draco, we knock the shoes off (Buck, buck)
Dirty .30 knock the bricks from out yo' house and make you move out (Let's go)
I'm screamin' fuck what they been talkin' 'bout, bitch listen to a goon talk (Fuck)

Bitch, I told you I was connivin'
You didn't know a whole lot about it
You know we be wildin', nigga
Fuck what you talkin', nigga
You ain't got nobody
We don't give a fuck who you is, nigga
We will take your shit
You could be a nigga or bitch, it don't matter
A dyke is the same thang
We'll put that iron on your pussy-ass
Fuck around wit' you, nigga
4Kay Tray
Bitch ass nigga
You ain't got no choice to be safe
Get shot in your face

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Rap / Hip Hop

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