At The Christmas Ball

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Bessie Smith

"Hey Bessie it's Christmas here"
Here! Here! Hurray for Christmas
Christmas comes but once a year, and to me it brings good cheer,
and to everyone who likes wine and beer
Happy New Year is after that, happy I'll be, that is a fact
That is why I like to hear, folks I say that Christmas is here
Christmas bells will ring real soon, even in the afternoon
There'll be no chimes shall ring at the Christmas Ball
Everyone must watch their step, or they will loose their rep
Everybody full of fare at the Christmas Ball
(Excellent Joe Smith solo)
Grab your partner one an' all, keep on dancing 'round the hall
Then there's no one to fall, don't you dare to
If your partner don't act fair, don't worry there's some more over there
Seekin' a chance everywhere at the Christmas Ball

Thể loại:  Âu Mỹ,  Blues / Jazz

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