Any Woman

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Terri Clark

Everytime you ask her out
she turns you down
You've seen a tear roll down her cheek
When she thinks there no one's around
You don't know what's going on
But you know there's something wrong
Well,It don't take much to figure this one out.

Any Woman
Who's been hurt by a man
understands It'll take sometime for her to find
a way to love again
She may be crying but she's trying to do the best she can
Just ask any woman who's been hurt by a man.

She lies in bed with questions on her mind,
was she so wrong about him and is
she gonna be all right?
The night can be so cold.
When a memory's at your hold
Yeah,I know what she's going through tonight,'cause

[Repeat Chorus]

Her broken heart
Will come around
She just needs a chance to heal right now

[Repeat Chorus]

Just Ask Any Woman Who's Been Hurt By A Man

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