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Shiina Ringo

now i'm seventeen
my school is in the country
students wear trainers
read the same magazines

now i'm seventeen
my school is getting tiresome
teachers - they're so young
singling me out

only like philosophy & after school the time
that's what i call my own time
nice girls meet nice boys end of school day
while other girls go strait home
talking 'bout soaps'n' that

i go home alone
like it watching the nameless people
surfing subways, travelling somewhere
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now i'm seventeen
i do not have a title
depend on no one else
busy being kind (to myself)

i go home alone
and have dinner in my sweet home
praying again, again & again


i see the same faces in school & they say that i am different
i think it's an honour
i say it's an honour to B different
i can't go their way

now i'm seventeen


Thể loại:  Nhật Bản,  Pop / Ballad

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